in Seattle, WA.      
Monday 18 March 2002
Seattle Public Library, University Branch
5009 Roosevelt Way N.E. 684-4063

hosted by
It's About Time Writers Reading Series
where beginning & experienced writers read their work
Esther Altshul Helfgott, coordinator

In conjunction with:


Kelly Riggle Hower:
The Poet in the World

Irene Drennan: Poetry & Peace

Esther Altshul Helfgott:
The Poet's Words
Participants  (click on a name to find a poem)

John Akins, Betsy Bell, Crysta Casey, Danika Dinsmore, Irene DrennanLarry Ebersole, Christine Eisen, Jack EvansRon Starr,
Esther Altshul Helfgott, Victor Hellberg, David Horowitz, Kelly Riggle Hower, Rosie Hower, Gary lee Johnson, Don Kentop, Priscilla Long, Diana Ma, Jill McGrath,Nancy Peacock, Denise Calvetti MichaelsAlisa Minkina, Kathleen Notley, Sherry Reniker, Darby Ringer, Abe Schweid, Ellen Setteducati, Ken Shiovitz, Diane Westergaard

2002 Dialogue Through Poetry Week. In order to create dialogue among civilizations, the coordinators contacted reading coordinators, editors, poets, and poetry lovers around the world and asked them to setup readings in their cities to support this program. To visit the coordinators at the main Dialogues site, click here:
The Coordinators: "During the last week in March 2001, there were over 200 readings in 150 cities around the world. The readings were open to everyone. We are continuing the program and are organizing readings for the week of 17, March 2002--Dialogue Through Poetry Week. In addition, that week includes UNESCO's World Poetry Day."

"What would it take to get 150 cities around the world to each hold a poetry reading on the same evening?  It took Larry Jaffe.  This cat Larry managed to organize a bunch of noncommittal poets from around the world into a coordinated event sponsored by the United Nations.  Along with Ram Devinini he started the United Nations Dialogue of Poetry."
    -Mike, the Poet
Larry Jaffe: Dialogue Through PoetrY 01.17.2002)
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in which poets address the question:
Can poetry help bring about a culture of peace & non-violence in the world?

On Homelessness & Schizophrenia