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Seattle Participants

Nancy Peacock

The first self-sustaining chain
reaction took place the day

I was seven weeks old.
We have flown far in our quest

that if we get the light right
we will see God, be God.

Light without Word, a light
without hands, light without

lilies. Looking into the blue
haze of neutrons there is

something fractured
about this light and thoughts

of God and what we might
expect the color

of transfiguration to be.
Too young to tell time,

my brother looks down
at the gears of an alarm clock

he has just dismantled
with no idea of how he might

put it back together.
We aim our faces deep

into the atom. Eyes twitch
at the movement of smaller
and smaller pieces until
we find one that stares back,

does not yield to theories
of cells, atoms or any small parts.
                         - Diane Westergaard

Seattle Participants

Nancy Peacock


Slough no tear for callus worn
From hand that shields the wind,
Nor mourn the stinger neatly torn
From queen's responsive kin.

Slice living stalk beneath plump germ,
Without a moment's notice,
And crush the elongated worm,
'Neath your lover's writhing pelvis.

Marvel at the blowfly's wing,
But keep it from your fodder,
Listen to the poet sing,
But keep him from your daughter.

For human bonds, learned or innate,
Cold nature must resist,
And peace is but a balanced state,
Of powers harmonious.
                   - Ken Shiovitz


Poetry is like magic.
It can do what you please.                                  
When you hear a good poem
You think of good things.
You stop all the violence
And you make peace.
So, poetry is like magic and good deeds.
Poets can see the world differently
And do no harm just help.
Poetry creates peace and no crying
And poetry lets people say what 
They want in a nice way. 
                        -Alisa Minkina
                              age 10