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Seattle Participants

Nancy Peacock


Seattle Participants

Nancy Peacock

                To Lawrence Ferlinghetti

A fortnight after
our world disaster
I come seeking
flight path to service,
training for trauma,
enclave of empathy.

I'm easily downed
but poetry
and an old poet's
kind open face
take me home--

        A plane slices
             through my heart,
       my eyes
            are shattered windows,
            is leaping out.

                -Ellen Setteducati


before i die (& i can think of
that time now) i'd like just
once to close my eyes
with yours in peace

far out beyond the city lights
& limits, the restless minds,
a place where all our strivings
come to naught

a room so still (it must
be still), a night so black,
futons laid side by side,
where we will wake isshou

wake & laugh & know
such peace & close
our eyes again to
make the feeling last

just once before i close
my eyes for good
i'd like to lie in
peace   with    you

note:  isshou means "together" in Japanese
(the elongation of the final syllable carries
the connotation of "together for life")
                     -Sherry Reniker

State of Myself: A Presidential Transcript

"Thank you" will revive our culture. I celebrate mothers and sing
terrorism, and what I assume you shall assume, for every God
belonging to me as good belongs to you.

Corporate America is high. It is proud to enact a new creed: "Let's
roll" and deploy effective missile defenses for the mothers huddled
over our allies. I thank the flight attendant spotted in a fiscally
responsible manner. Shannon, I have found in the videos where
they are. I loaf and invite my axis, I lean and loaf with my chairmen
observing the missiles of applause.

We've come to the best in tragedy, to Islam's own homes. We will
develop vaccines to feel closer. Our nation owns those regimes that
we can accumulate. My arms, every flag of my Guantanamo,
formed from this alert, these aircraft, born here of aspirations born
from parents the same, and their aspirations the same.

I hope to cease not till Iraq.
                                                          -Ron Starr