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Seattle Participants

Nancy Peacock


                    this was written during the veitnam war,                 but war is war is war!

having seen your children
from time to time,
here and there,
in magazines and movies,
well groomed and smug,
feet firmly planted
on the top layer of a birthday cake
and wondered as a concerned citizen
if you ever imagined them
running in a long scream
through demolished streets,
and begging heaven or hell
to make them more naked still
as they rip and tear
at the awful garments
of their burning skin.
willing to forsake a mothers' bosom
for the arms of death.
use your imagination,
if you will,sir
and when you see it
clear as the hands
folded in your lap,
answer me.
what are you going to do,
mr. president?
        @ irene drennan 1968


Seattle Participants

Nancy Peacock