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Seattle Participants

Nancy Peacock


Seattle Participants

Nancy Peacock


I am gringa
At 6:30 a.m. in Managua
I walk alone sharing the track
with school children
uniformed in navy and white
four blocks to the park
a safe place in this barrio
Today, as yesterday, the same people
wash the car
sweep the street
scrub the tile in front of the house
They sit on the stoop and smile
I nod and say 'Buenos dias.'
There is no hatred in their eyes
they do not seem to hold me
for the failure
of their revolution.
                        -Betsy Bell

If I Were Demonstrating Today
     (at Livermore Nuclear Labs)

I would gladly
risk arrest
sip cold coffee
from a stainless steel
dog food bowl

Wait at Santa Rita Jail
our social determination
will make a critical difference
initiating a Treaty
for warhead abolition

Transforming nuclear cruelty
into a compassionate
                   -Larry Ebersole


Poets can dream poets can write
They can hope and they can pray for peace
Such deeds make us feel like we've done something

Humanity trapped in tragedy,
Words of vengeance thunder from the past
Bullets of war flags of peace

Sol returns at daybreak, never loses hope,
Like poets with pens and hope in their hearts,
Lead the blind; release us from our slumbers,

Spread rays of ink like sunbeams and
Like the sun always be there at daybreak
Nothing will change until man learns to love
                                            -J. Glenn Evans